Empowerment & Career Transition Coaching

Empowering you to be who you always knew you were.


Hi – My name is Kim O’Neill. I coach heart-centered professionals to make desired career transitions so they can love their life more.

As a former Crime Analyst, I learned what it means to take a leap of faith and say a bigger yes to my professional dreams. I also learned how to embrace my spiritual self and work with my energy, despite being surrounded by an abundance of Type-A personalities and emphasis on “practicality.” Through my personal experience and professional training, I am the logical choice for supporting you in knowing and embracing who you truly are; what you desire; shifting energies; and taking action to experience new possibilities.

In my coaching, I take a holistic approach that supports you in bridging the gap between head and heart. As you say a bigger “YES” to yourself, you cultivate a stronger internal foundation that supports you in rediscovering and reclaiming who you are so you can expand into a more confident, courageous version of your truest self. This is not therapy, but sessions with me can be therapeutic.

Do you ever get consumed by ...

... negative self talk?

... perfectionism?

... taking care of others more than you do yourself?

... feel negatively impacted by others around you, but not really know why it affects you so deeply?

... have you often been told one of the following: “You need to love yourself more;” “Be more confident;” “Stop being so sensitive;” or “Stop overthinking and doubting yourself?”

If yes, then good for you for exploring options on how you can move beyond where you are right now. You deserve to feel better.

If yes, these things are most definitely impacting your efforts in making a career transition. You can have the career you desire.

You don’t have to know how things will shift, you just have to start by being open to exploring how they can. In that process, you’ll learn the HOWs you wonder about right now.


… you are an empath who keeps being impacted by other people’s energy, allow me to coach you in how to work with your own energy first, so you can stand more confidently in your power and be the true leader that you are.

… you are a wife or mom who somehow forgot who she was along the way, allow me to support you in reconnecting back to your vibrant, expanded self.

… you are a teenager or young adult who doesn’t feel seen and heard, allow me to coach you in knowing the truth of who you are and how much our world needs you right now.

… you are a male who is struggling with processing your emotions and/or sexual identity, allow me to help you bridge that gap between head and heart, masculine and feminine – you are SO perfect just as you are.

If you’ve ever felt like a square peg in a round hole, let’s talk.

What might you achieve during our sessions?

Progress towards your desired life or career transition + ...

  • Feel supported, strong and fulfilled
  • Release the past, overwhelm and limiting beliefs
  • Enhanced courage, confidence, clarity and intuition
  • Energetic alignment and high-vibrational momentum
  • Develop consistent positive self-talk
  • Ownership of who you are and how AMAZING your true self is
  • Manifested desires through understanding the Law of Attraction


These are FUN. We'll take a look at where you are; what you'd like to achieve; and determine what areas to best focus your attention on improving. We'll end with a guided visualization to support you in seeing and feeling how possible ALL of it is. WHOO! I can't wait!! :)

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I look forward to meeting you. You don’t have to do this alone.