Transformational CONFIDENCE Coaching

Empowering you to be who you always knew you were.


Hi – My name is Kim O’Neill. I take a holistic approach in coaching intelligent, empathic, heart-centered individuals out of self-doubt and disempowerment and into courageous confidence!

  • Are you a passionate, purpose-driven, heart-centered professional or big-hearted giver?

  • Are you doing your best to navigate your way forward in your life and career, but getting slowed down by mindset traps and emotional entanglements?

  • Is your bright light getting dimmed by the heaviness of your past and possibly lack of support system in your present?

  • Do you ever feel like a square peg in a round hole?

I can tell you right now that whatever you feel is in your way, takes nothing away from HOW AMAZING YOU STILL ARE.

Every day truly is a new day. Wherever you are today does not have to be where you are tomorrow.

When I started out as an Interview Skills Coach in 2013, I was focused on helping job-seekers prepare for employment interviews. Over time I realized that for most people, the real work of interview-prep went much deeper than learning how to describe their strengths and answer interview questions. Most of my clients were hesitant in being able to describe the real, awesome version of who they are.

  • “I don’t like talking about myself.”

  • “I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging.”

  • “What if I’m not really as good as I think I am?”

All the while, it was blatantly obvious to me most people just weren’t able to see themselves clearly.

They didn’t truly know who they are and therefore own it! They didn’t know that it’s okay to embrace the full awesomeness of who they are AND still be humble. AND still be a good person. AND still be someone that gives and is led by their heart.

As I earned my ICF coaching credential, I wasn’t ready to stop learning how I can best serve these awesome people. I went on to also become a certified Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, host a podcast, and more.

When you are a big-hearted, purpose-driven soul – You want to do so much and give where you can. But over time, you can only do and give to others, as much as you do and give to yourself. How do I know? Because I’m one too.

Over-giving, putting everyone else before you, getting lost in other people’s energies (any of this sound familiar?) … doesn’t leave much room for you. It’s no wonder you might be struggling to confidently embrace the gift that is YOU.

It takes courage, confidence and clarity to be able to truly embrace who you are and know how amazing you have always been ~ because once you do, you'll realize there's nothing you can't accomplish. BUT - you are more than what you do. Your perfection is in your imperfection; and your special sauce is in your ability to be both authentic and grounded in how you express yourself.

If you aren't able to embrace your strengths; appreciate your imperfections; express yourself authentically; or to even know what feeling grounded means ... it's possible there's some form of limiting belief or stuck energy within you that's preventing you from being able to experience the truth of who you are.

This is where I come in. As a Transformational Confidence Coach, I’m able to support you in finally owning your true greatness so you can stand confidently in your power. YOU are still in there.

I can coach you to become an even stronger, more empowered version of the real you.

What else can you expect when we work together?

Progress towards your desired life + ...

  • Feel supported, strong and fulfilled

  • Release the past, overwhelm and limiting beliefs

  • Enhanced courage, confidence, clarity and intuition

  • Energetic alignment and high-vibrational momentum

  • Develop consistent positive self-talk

  • Ownership of who you are and how AMAZING your true self is

  • Manifested desires through understanding the Law of Attraction


Because guess what? One of the BEST things you can give to others and the world: Is the full, truest version of who you are through YOUR embodied example … and yeah, all those other nice things you do too. ;-)

I got you in this.

I’m SO glad you’re here.

Wanna chat over virtual coffee?

Do you ever get consumed by ...

... negative self talk?

... perfectionism?

... taking care of others more than you do yourself?

... feel negatively impacted by others around you, but not really know why it affects you so deeply?

... have you often been told one of the following: “You need to love yourself more;” “Be more confident;” “Stop being so sensitive;” or “Stop overthinking and doubting yourself?”

If yes, then good for you for exploring options on how you can move beyond where you are right now. How you feel now can be temporary.

If yes, these things are most definitely impacting your efforts in aligning with what you truly desire in life. You can experience more joy and confidence in who you are.

You don’t have to know how things will shift, you just have to start by being open to exploring how they can. In that process, you’ll learn the HOWs you wonder about right now.


… you are an empath who keeps being impacted by other people’s energy, allow me to coach you in how to work with your own energy first, so you can stand more confidently in your power and be the true leader that you are.

… you are a wife or mom who somehow forgot who she was along the way, allow me to support you in reconnecting back to your vibrant, expanded self.

… you are a teenager or young adult who doesn’t feel seen and heard, allow me to coach you in knowing the truth of who you are and how much our world needs you right now.

… you are a male who is struggling with processing your emotions and/or sexual identity, allow me to help you bridge that gap between head and heart, masculine and feminine – you are SO perfect just as you are.

If you’ve ever felt like a square peg in a round hole, let’s talk.

We'll take a look at where you are; where you'd like to be; and determine what areas to best focus your attention on improving. Time permitting, we may even end with a guided visualization to support you in seeing and feeling how possible ALL of it is. Where you are today does not have to be where you are tomorrow.

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I look forward to meeting you. You don’t have to do this alone.

Not sure if coaching is right for you ...

... but still eager to experience a shift in feeling empowered and more confident TODAY?

Schedule a Custom Guided Meditation Session or Kickstart Courageous Confidence Session to get a feel for what awaits you. You will love it. :)