Energy Work

Energy Work

I love energy work and think you might too. Energy work can be amazing all on its own or as an excellent complement to a coaching session. Read below to learn about the energy services I provide.

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I am a certified Reiki Master trained under the Japanese Dr. Usui lineage by Evelyn Apostolou of the Quantum Edge Healing Institute.

Reiki is often referred to as a healing modality, but it is what Reiki provides that supports your body in healing itself. All Reiki practitioners are a channel for this pure, Source energy. When directing the energy towards your chakras, your energy begins to flow more smoothly again. You may feel more balanced, calm, free, peaceful, uplifted, energized, more stable, regain the ability to effortlessly speak your truth, tap into your own intuition, reconnect with your creativity and the list goes on. Every person’s experience is unique, and even the same person can have different experiences from session-to-session. Whether you want to release stress, get back into your own flow, or just supercharge one of your coaching sessions, Reiki is a very effective way to do all of the above and more.

Reiki can be performed distantly or in-person. I predominately offer Distance Reiki sessions with some in-person opportunities for Reiki at local wellness fairs.

Distance Reiki – $65/session

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Are you just getting started with meditation and wish it could be easier?

OR maybe you’re trying to follow certain steps you learned and find it hard to remember them when you’re trying to be all zen?

OR maybe you want a way to go even deeper with your own releasing, healing, gaining clarity and manifesting work???

If so … then yeah, you’ve come to the right place. Meditation is good for all of the above and more!

When I first started meditating in 2008, I preferred guided meditations because it was so much easier for me. It meant someone else could do all the work and I was able to just BE and follow along. Okay, sure … yes, to a degree, YOU (the meditator) are doing work during your guided meditation. But it’s not like that. You get to relax in a safe, supportive energetic space and step into the flow. It’s easier to feel the expansion of connecting with your higher self when you’re not having to think about “what do I do next?” Ultimately, you don’t need to do ANYTHING next, but for newbies, the silence of non-guided meditations often just means a mind that is filled with endless chatter , leaving you feeling restless, bored or like you don’t like meditation.

Guided meditations/visualizations allow you to easily step into and maintain a high vibrational flow where you can feel the connection with your Higher Self and experience the energy shift within your mind, body and soul. Insights and inspiration can flow to you because you’ve quieted your mind and allowed your cork to float to the top (Abraham Hicks reference).

Choose from the following below*:

  • Connect with your inner child / Heal the past
  • Connect with your future self
  • Attract another person into your life
  • Magnetize anything to you (a new job, new object, etc.)
  • Magnetize more money to you

*You will have the option to record your session.

Guided Meditation / Visualization (45 Min) – $45


“The body is a miraculous storage vessel which carries within itself all of life’s traumas and joys, as well as a myriad of experiences in between that define our lives. It remembers everything even when we don’t. And through our resulting relationships, choices and even our pain, disease and unhappiness, those held memories are expressed.The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a unique, therapeutic system of healing that has liberated thousands from their past, opening the doors to greater levels of wealth, freedom, health, joy and fulfilling relationships by simply accessing and releasing what is buried deep within.” – from Jennifer McLean, creator of the STT modality

Ever notice you have issues from the past that continue to rear their ugly head over and over again as your life supposedly moves on? Or are you feeling nervous, fearful, angry, sad, etc about some situation and you just rather you didn’t? Do you have an inkling that a current physical ailment you have is linked to emotional trauma from your past? Any of these are just some of the types of situations that STT helps with. STT helps to release old, buried emotions so you can finally be free from them and truly move forward in life, as happy and healthy as possible.

STT is a fantastic, self-healing process that works really well either on its own, or in conjunction with a coaching session or Reiki session.

STT can be done over the phone, Skype or in person and for physical or emotional issues you’d like resolved.