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Are you ready to experience a deeper sense of confidence and self-love from the inside out?

Are you a passionate, purpose-driven, heart-centered professional or big-hearted giver?

Are you doing your best to navigate your way forward in your life and career, but getting slowed down by mindset traps and emotional entanglements?

Is your bright light getting dimmed by the heaviness of your past and possibly lack of support system in your present?

Do you ever feel like you're a square peg in a round hole?

In my eyes, YOU are Amazing; and your heart and/or uniqueness is your strongest asset and can be a source of so much power. I will empower you to see and know who you truly are and how anything you thought was a weakness or setback, can actually be an empowering source of strength.

Primary Services Offered:

1. Transformational Confidence Coaching

Release self-doubt, your past and anything that disempowers you from embracing the awesomeness of who you truly are, so you can confidently and triumphantly move forward!

2. Interview Confidence Coaching

I coach and mentor job-seekers and podcast interviewees how to present their best, most confident self in interviews.

3. Specialty, Single Coaching Sessions

Learn more about my Limiting Beliefs; Self Love Clarity & Connection; and Kickstart Courageous Confidence coaching sessions.

I often work with:

  • Spiritually-Curious Professionals

  • Heart-Centered High Achievers

  • Helpers / Helping Professionals

  • People in process of reclaiming who they authentically are

  • Empathic Men & Women

  • "Square pegs" trying to fit into round holes

  • Job-Seekers & Prospective Podcast Guests

Every Day is a New Day Show

Inspiring conversations about moving forward and choosing to be more of YOU

  • Inspirational Message Mondays - 9am PT

  • Guest Interviews - Thursdays, 12pm PT

Airs LIVE on Facebook and YouTube; replays on ApplePodcasts and where you listen to podcasts

April 8, 2019

Hear my interview on National Broadcasting Radio (NBR FM) to learn more about what I do and how I can best serve you.

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