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Would you like to experience a deeper sense of authentic self-confidence, self-love and inner peace in your personal and professional life?

Is your goal to feel more confident:

  • ... as a spiritual being navigating this human experience?

  • ... being aligned with who YOU authentically are?

  • ... in your job or podcast interviews?

  • Would you like to feel more confident as you stand in your power?

  • Would you like to have more clarity on what it means to be your "authentic self?"

  • Have you been told you need to love yourself or believe in yourself more ... even when maybe you thought already did?

  • Do you know yourself as a strong, powerful being ... but have somehow found yourself in a disempowering cycle?

Hi ~ My name is Kim O'Neill, and I get that journey.

With a background that ranges from performing on live/virtual stages and in competitions to learning all about what makes an outstanding interview, I have first-hand experience with the journey of learning how to stay present and grounded in front of an audience and not let anxiety or fear get the best of me. I also know how an unhealed past can get in the way of loving your present.

In 2013 I started providing interview confidence coaching to help job-seekers prepare for employment interviews. Little did I know that that journey would lead me down a pathway of deeper self-discovery and healing, and that over time, it would all come full circle with the holistic confidence coaching and custom meditations I offer my clients today.

Today, I coach professional women in reconnecting to their inner light and self-lovingly moving forward. I guide you in learning how to feel your feelings AND stand in your power. Whether you're preparing for an interview or desiring everyday self-confidence, your strongest foundation for lasting success will always be built from the inside out. There’s no getting around that; there’s only going through it.

My mission is to facilitate your empowerment in owning who you are, feeling whole and grounded in your own authentic alignment, so you can feel, speak, be and live more fulfilled and free.

What will the results of that look like?

  • You feeling SO confident, grounded and prepared in your job interview(s)

  • Feeling excited and alive in your podcast interview(s)

  • Confidently communicating your expertise and knowledge in work meetings

  • You exude a healthy self-respect and self-love that gets mirrored back to you

  • You feel “seen and heard” in the world, because you now see and hear your own self

  • Feeling a deep inner peace as you BE your authentic, awesome self out in the world, regardless of what’s happening around you

  • A You that feels lighter and happier because you've released old emotional trauma and moved beyond it

  • A You that no longer takes on other people's "stuff" as yours

  • A You that now knows what it feels like to be your best, aligned, Highest Self

What Clients Said:

"Kim O'Neill is simply the best empowerment and career coach you could ever hope to find." - Leslie W.


"My interview presence and strength has significantly increased." - Karen R.


"Somehow she has the power to make everything seem so easy and uncomplicated, and she approaches my intentions in a way that I feel completely safe to share my feelings..." - Doris K.


"Kim is wonderful at making any person feel loved and accept them where they are." - Lavanya C.

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Who is this coaching for?

  • professional women

  • jobseekers

  • prospective podcast guests

  • people in the process of learning to love themselves more

  • people who feel like they don't quite fit in ("square pegs")

  • professionals who feel unfulfilled and/or scared yet eager to move forward

  • leaders who desire to grow more deeply into their authentic leadership role

  • purpose-driven people

... and I always say, if I haven't described you above but there's something here that resonates with you, trust that. My coaching is probably for you, too.

Click here to learn more about my coaching services, then book your session or a free 1:1 call with me today!

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