Positive Minded People book


This anthology book contains the real stories of nine people who learned to live powerfully by overcoming their adversities. The stories in this book highlight the challenges of suicidal thoughts, depression, poverty, failed relationships, LGBT issues, spiritual struggles, family setbacks, addiction, and everything in between. No rock was left unturned. These authors pour their hearts, and express their experiences, in rare and raw form, all to deliver practical truths that only a true survivor can give. 

My Chapter 

Chapter 4 ~ Intuition: Can you hear me now? 

In this chapter I share about a challenging time in my life when multiple events culminated into my own "dark night of the soul" experience ~ a breakdown that ultimately led to a breakthrough. This is where I first started meditating and taking a more active role in my own healing journey that led me to being able to support others in an even deeper, more powerful way.

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