The specialty sessions below are powerful, leading to practical insights that can be applied to your life immediately.

Kickstart courageous confidence Session

When long-term coaching isn't an option for you, but you're still eager to turn the corner and feel more empowered sooner than later ... there's still a Kickstart session!

In 60 min. we will look at one area you’d like to feel more confident in, and:

1) Begin to dismantle the anxiety or fear

2) Align and integrate your Highest Self energy into who you are today

3) Write out your Goal + Choose a Reward + Identify Accountability Partner

You will leave with:

* 60min session via Zoom video

* Bring pen and paper

$97 USD


"Kim guided me to uncover a fear that had been lurking in the background. During my time with her, we co-created a strategy to begin lessening the hold that this fear had on me. She guided me to choose goals, create accountability and create a meaningful reward for myself once the goals were achieved! YES! I did it and got my reward. With gratitude to you, Kim!

- DonnaLisa Knowles, Empowered by Design


"I’m thankful for this session with Kim, she helped me realize that I actually have the qualities of a great coach. She also led me through a visualization to integrate with my confident self - that was really powerful!" 

- Sasha, Life Coach

Limiting Beliefs Coaching Session

In this clarity and freedom-inducing session we will explore, uncover and debunk whatever limiting beliefs you have around a single subject, so you can reclaim your personal truths and begin to manifest in that area of your life more quickly (more love; a new job; better health; more money; etc.). 

You will leave with:

*2-hour session via Zoom video

* Bring pen and 2 sheets of paper (8 1/2" x 11") 

$197 USD


"Before working with Kim, I had a lot of fear and resistance around my limiting beliefs about love and it felt like I was stuck in quicksand and couldn’t find my way out. She did a great job of helping me to clarify my limiting beliefs and guiding me to uncover the answers within myself. I appreciate how she met me where I was at and worked with me at the pace that felt right to me. It was a nicely structured process ..." - Rhonda R.

Self Love Clarity & Connection Session

Self Love is more than self care. 

Ask yourself: "What does 'self-love' really look like for me?"

If you aren't sure, or you can only think of a few "self care" activities you engage in, then there is more for you to discover about what truly fills up your cup. Because you ARE the cup. How are you maintaining that cup? The more clarity you have on what this means for you, the easier it is to spot where you have room for improvement. Because YOU deserve your own love before anybody else does.

These 2-hour sessions go deep and lead to greater clarity on what self -love LOOKS like for YOU.

*If you are in the process of healing from an abusive situation in your life, this session can be especially helpful and empowering.

You will leave with:

* Two 90-min sessions via Zoom video

* Bring pen and 2 sheets of paper (8 1/2" x 11") 

$197 USD


"Working with Kim O’Neill via Zoom has been such an expanding experience.  Kim has a gentleness and wisdom which cuts to the heart of the matter while at the same time she makes you feel totally supported and loved throughout the self-discovery journey. ... With Kim’s guidance I now have a plan of action and a direction for my future that now not only seems a possibility but a 'done deal.'" - Bette W.


"I had self- love session with her and it's affirming and eye opening plus heart opening to remind me ways I am loving myself as well as areas I need to improve on which were unconscious. Kim's precise questions empowered me to look within to encourage me continue self loving practices. I highly recommend Kim ..." - Aurora N.