ABOUT: The Every Day is a New Day Show is a 30-50min, live video show (Facebook & YouTube) where we have inspirational conversations about moving forward and choosing to be more of who you authentically are. The intent is to be a fun conversation for me and my guests, as well as inspiring and empowering for our audience. I am a fan of self-acceptance, shining your light and always being open to learning through one's life journey.


“In a time when spirituality is increasingly being commodified as part of a consumer culture, by masterful teachers with shining egos, it's a joy to spend time with Kim O'Neill. She's open-hearted, wise, grounded, humble, and fully engaged with her guests as part of a bigger conversation about global healing and transformation. If you haven't listened to Kim's show - now's the time to do so. And if you have, share her link with others. Her show is a blessing for all of us.” ~ Maggid A. Elias Ramer - house of words - andrewramer.com

"Kim O’Neill has such fantastic energy! She is wise and compassionate and definitely walks her talk, spreading her special brand of light in the world every where she goes! I love her show and was so thrilled to have been invited on it! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a guest, and heartily recommend her work! Thanks Kim!” - Alexandria Barker, www.AlexandriaBarker.com

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Inspirational Messages for Today

Varied Days

Guest Interviews

Thursdays @ 12:30pm PT

Inspiring conversations about moving forward and choosing to be more of YOU!

These conversations will:

  1. Remind you that there is ALWAYS hope ... because every day is always a new day.

  2. Inspire You - to keep going; know you're not alone; be your unique self and more!

  3. Support you in raising your vibration and expanding into the fullness of who YOU are

  4. Empower you to know you have all you need within you to move in the direction you desire today.

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Updated: 2022-4-16

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Previous guests have ranged from a former White House advisor and national TV stars to "everyday" awesome people who've exhibited inspiring strength in overcoming their own adversities and accomplishing their goals. As a potential guest, be prepared to share specific talking points; aspects of your inspiring personal story; and your positive energy! :)

Interested in being a guest on the show?

There are two ways to be a guest on the Every Day is a New Day Show.

  1. Have a speaking topic / story that is aligned with the premise of the show and be willing to promote our episode to your social media following and email list. If this is you, fill out the form below.*


  1. Be a Podcast Interview Coaching Client of mine with included podcast interview. See Podcast Interview Coaching "Option A" on this page for more info.*

Not sure which option is best for you?

If you meet criteria #1 above, or you're not sure which option is best for you, but you are interested in being a guest, please fill out the Prospective Guest Inquiry form below, and I will be in contact with you.

*Guests who are invited to be on the show are expected to share our interview on their social media.

Show Hosting

Since 2015 I have conducted more than 276 LIVE and pre-recorded (audio & video) interviews with guests on the:

  • Every Day is a New Day podcast / LIVE Show;

  • Perk Up with Kim Show;

  • The THRIVE Show (Originally for Transformation TV);

  • as a virtual summit interview host (Harrison Klein's "Small Changes, Big Shifts" Summit, 2021);

Co-Hosting Experience:

  • Navigating the Clickety-Clack book series, Book Launch Event - w/ Keith Leon S. (2020-2022)

  • Finding Your Motivation Podcast- w/ Steven Stasczak (2021)

  • Responder Resilience Podcast - w/ David Dachinger (2021)

  • Clever2gether Podcast - w/ Corinne Wilhelm (2021)

  • The Tour of Love Telethon - w/ Tamara Hunter (2020)

  • The Service Hero Show - w/ Tamara Hunter & Barbara Beckley (2020)

I have also been asked to interview people so they have a professional interview recording for their own business promotional and marketing purposes.

I love show hosting and facilitating positive, fun and insightful group interaction amongst my guests and our audience. Show hosting has become a purpose-driven passion of mine and is a way for me to utilize all my skills in an entertaining and uplifting way. It's important to me that my guests feel supported and seen in our interviews, and that we provide content that serves both the audience AND my guests.

Host for Hire

Are you looking for someone to lead your virtual show or live event? Game show? Awards show? Sporting event? Other type of event?? :)

Contact me at KimONeill@outlook.com to discuss the possibilities. I enjoy what I do and prioritize organization, purpose, flow and fun for all events I host.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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