Guided Meditation

Could you use a few minutes to center yourself? Step out of anxiety or overwhelm and come back to your center? Download the popular "Get Grounded & Regain Inner Peace" Guided Meditation, as heard on the Insight Timer app.

Wheel of life

Is life flowing smoothly for you? Or is it more of a bumpy ride? Download your "Wheel of Life" PDF worksheet to gain insight and clarity on where you currently are in 8 key areas of life. When you have clarity about where you are, it makes it easier to see where you could use more focused energy to improve overall balance in the flow of your life wheel.

coloring page

Do you love affirmations or posting affirmative reminders for yourself? Do you like to be creative? Love nature? Download your "I AM AMAZING" affirmation coloring page here. Fun, easy and uplifting!

Emotional Guidance Scale

Would you like an easy way to assess if your vibration is currently high or low in any given moment? All emotions are informational, but having a visual guide to understand where you are in relation to other emotions can help bring clarity to what your current vibrational set-point is -- so you know which direction to move next.