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Empowerment & Interview COACHING

“Kim O’Neill is a spectacular life coach!! I highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance and encouragement to reach the next level. Kim helped me through  life challenging moments and transition as she assisted me with new tools and skills. I gained more self-trust and love of self while staying grounded and connected to my higher true self. I feel braver than where I was for having had Kim as a life coach for six months. She assisted me, and I will be grateful always for a life changing experience. Kim is a great listener, intuitive and attuned life coach. I felt safe emotionally and I was always able to honest and vulnerable at times. I felt at ease with Kim and looked forward to all life coaching sessions. She offers valuable, life changing, enriching, rewarding and transformational possibilities. Thank you, Kim.”

Aurora N. - Social Worker; California


“A year ago my parents introduced me to Kim as a life coach. My parents had purchased her services for me to help with a little Non-parental guidance in my adult growth. I was about to get married and was unsure about my career goals and wanted to be the best future wife I could be. Kim came in and totally changed my life so much that we invited her to our wedding after only working with her a few months. I was able to comfortably talk to about things I could not with my parents and did not want to bother my friends or co-workers with. She helped me find the balance I needed and now my marriage is amazing, career is taking off, everything is where it needs to be and that my friends is all thanks to Kim. If you are considering working with her or know someone that could use a little guidance or a shoulder to lean on, call Kim! Thank you for everything Kim.”

Brenna Ciereck – Public Relations, Marketing Professional; Nashville, TN


“Working with Kim has been an invaluable experience. I reached out to her for both personal and interview coaching. Kim has a keen ability to create an environment that fosters unconditional support, encouragement and self-awareness. Through her coaching and asking insightful questions, I grew in my self-confidence and gained clarity as to my strengths and experience that I bring to an organization. Identifying my strengths and understanding them from a wider lens helped me to clearly communicate my talents in both my resume and cover letter. My interview presence and strength has significantly increased. I am so grateful for Kim’s coaching. I now have a stronger presence and clarity, which has helped me to understand who I am and what I have to offer.”

Karen Rutherford – Karen Rutherford, Living Coach; Colorado


“Kim O’Neill is a fabulous coach. I am excited by the magnitude of value and learning about myself that I received in one session with her. Kim is confident and heart centered. I appreciate her structure, intuition and unique process. She is present and committed and her follow through is impeccable.

She has this way of making you want to be accountable to yourself and rising up. She is an excellent role model and she walks her talk. Kim exudes confidence, compassion, and authenticity and is a powerhouse heart centered transformational leader. I love her fun positive attitude and the way she brings her flair to this world.

Before working with Kim, I had a lot of fear and resistance around my limiting beliefs about love and it felt like I was stuck in quicksand and couldn’t find my way out. She did a great job of helping me to clarify my limiting beliefs and guiding me to uncover the answers within myself. I appreciate how she met me where I was at and worked with me at the pace that felt right to me. It was a nicely structured process and she trusted her intuition and deviated slightly from the process which was exactly what I needed and resulted in a huge revelation for me. I discovered my key truth about love and this was empowering and catapulted me forward in my growth. I am extremely grateful for that session with Kim and look forward to working with her more!”

Rhonda Richard – Coach & Energy Healer for Women; SoulFire Healing Transformation 


"Kim O'Neill is simply the best empowerment and career coach you could ever hope to find. She uses her wealth of knowledge and wisdom to communicate and deliver her outstanding coaching skills. She is able to really tune in to her clients and boost their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence." Leslie Welch - CDC, LOA Certified Divorce & Life Coach" 


“Kim is an inspiring coach. She taps into her intuition and uses processes that help to bring clarity and move me from feeling not-so-positive to feeling what I want. This gave me ways to look at my situation and not get bogged down by it – truly inspirational. She is non-judgmental which gave me the freedom to be me in our sessions – this is truly the best gift anyone can offer to me. I felt seen, heard and understood by her in all ways. She has also given me new insights into the way I coach and I have applied some of her techniques into my coaching. Thank you Kim!” Adonica S. – BC, Canada


“I worked with Kim for life coaching and she has been amazing!! I love how she guides you and helps you transform yourself from being negative to positive. The resources and tools she has given me continue to help me better myself daily. I highly recommend hiring her to help you transform your life. By working with her, I received clarity on my current life & the direction I wanted to proceed in, simple but powerful tools to use daily that helped me to think more positively & pay attention to my emotions. She taught me how to adequately evaluate my emotions and identify what they’re really telling me & that has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thank you so much Kim! I’m so honored and blessed to have worked with you.” :) Mahum K. – Corona, CA


“Kim is such a warm, caring coach. She is always completely present and attentive to my needs as the client, while still helping me to expand beyond my perceived limitations and providing me with accountability to help me reach my goals. Kim is a very knowledgeable and professional coach, and she makes every session fun and enjoyable! I highly recommend Kim!” Brittany B. - Personal Success Coach; Los Angeles, CA


“I truly believe that acceptance and nonjudgement is the key to any lasting change and we all have the intricate need to feel accepted and loved. Kim is wonderful at making any person feel loved and accept them where they are. She has amazing patience and skill to sort through the tangles of stuff we bring to the session and help shift our thoughts and also to reach a better feeling thought. I always felt  more confident, aligned, loved and joyful after my session. If you already have your goals clearly defined, she is very good at helping you not only achieving your goals but also to enjoy every step you take towards your goals. if you are not really sure of what you really want, but you definitely want to feel really good, Kim is also very good at helping you sort out, feel more aligned with your trueself. I hope that you get as many benefits as i got from her if not more. Thank you Kim.” Lavanya Chigurupati - Advanced Pranic, EFT & Certified Healing Touch Practitioner; Cary, NC


“Dear Kim, You were so good in our session that I just had to write and not only speak on my appreciation of your technique, and tell you of my gratitude for your time with me, but to compliment you on your helpful, thoughtful questions. Your creativity with the questions you posed to me were both artful and leading to interesting directions. I enjoyed our session immensely…Thank you again” Rita – California



“Kim is an amazing Coach and Energy Healer – and I enjoyed and still enjoy every session with her. She creates a comfortable and friendly environment in which I feel safe and understood. Somehow she has the power to make everything seem so easy and uncomplicated, and she approaches my intentions  in a way that I feel completely safe to share my feelings, using both her intuition and her bright intellect to ask exactly the right questions. With Kim as my mentor, healing became fun and easy – and lasting. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, loving, gentle, trustworthy, and intelligent Coach.” Doris Kessler - Certified LOA Life Coach and Energy Healer; France



“I will do my best to put into words what Kim O’Neill did for me.  I reached out to Kim after years of being passed up for promotions that I knew I could do, was more than qualified for, and a better candidate than the person(s) selected for the job.  I felt confident in my resume, but knew that I “did not interview well”.  Despite my best efforts to prepare for the interview, once at the interview I would forget everything that I had prepared and freeze up.  My answers came across as babble and uneducated, missing key parts of the questions, etc.  I was getting frustrated, depressed, losing self-esteem and most importantly doubting my skills and abilities.

I called Kim out of sheer desperation.  I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I needed help.  Kim was amazing.  She came to my house fully prepared.  I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of my resume (which I had previously sent to her) as well as the job description of the upcoming interview (also previously sent to her).  We went over some standard interview questions and she coached me on what and how to say things.  She even developed a few interview questions specific to the job I was applying for based on the description.  I was extremely nervous and initially hesitant to respond.  Kim made me feel at ease, allowed me to take my time and walk me through my fears and anxiety.  At the end of our session (I couldn’t believe how quickly the four hours went), I felt stronger and more confident with myself.  She reassured me of my skills and even offered to be available for last minute coaching the night before my interview.

I walked into my interview, still nervous but at ease knowing I had done everything I could to prepare for it.  And would you believe it, EVERY QUESTION in the interview I went over with Kim during our session.  I walked out of my interview feeling empowered and excited, knowing that I had answered every question with confidence and certainty.  I was almost certain that I had “passed” the interview and would be offered the job.  Two weeks later, my “almost certain” became a job offer.  I got the job!!!!  Thank you Kim for your service.  It was very therapeutic in many ways and would/will absolutely recommend you to all of my friends and seek your services for myself again in the future.” Nicole G. –  Workers Compensation Coordinator; San Pedro, CA


“I scheduled an appointment with Kim to coach me for a job interview. I walked in to the session as self-conscious, as one who had not been in a job interview for years. Kim spent the first half hour collecting information of what I hope to achieve, observed and made a lot of notes, while listening carefully to what I said about myself. After the first half hour, Kim did what she did best, reflecting on what I thought of myself in the questions she asked. Kim kept hitting the nail on the head when I had my self-doubt or hesitation moments. Kim had played the part of the interviewer tirelessly, until I was comfortable with anticipated questions. On Kim’s couch, it’s a JUDGEMENT free and SAFE zone. Kim didn’t put in any artificial words for my interview. Kim helped me polish my skills so I could represent the best I could offer to my next employer. Five hours later, I walked out as a new woman. I carried my confidence to the job interview the next day. Thanks to Kim, I will start my new job next week.” Vicki T., 34 – Ladera Ranch, CA


“I had been interviewing for a job for over a year. I had several interviews, but no one had offered me a job. I was fed up and couldn’t understand why I hadn’t found a job yet.

During the holidays last year, my mom said she found someone to help me prepare for an upcoming interview I had at the beginning of the new year. I was kind of skeptical at first and had no motivation since all the interviews in the past didn’t work out. When I first met Kim, she was all excited to help me out, which made me a little optimistic about my interview. She helped me with interview questions that I always had trouble with, so that really helped me right off the bat. After that, she helped me research the company and made me take important notes that I could mention in the interview. Surprisingly, I felt really confident that night before the interview.

Of course, walking in the next day I was nervous, but having prepared that much with Kim’s help paid off. During the interview I got to mention the things I noticed on their website and answered the basic questions about myself fairly confidently. Needless to say, I got offered the job the next morning.

I don’t know what I would have done without Kim’s help. I have been at the job for over 7 months now and I love it!” H. Davis, 24 – Long Beach, CA



“Kim asks great questions and really wants to understand your goals and concerns. The feedback she provided created higher quality material than I had previously. I am very happy with the service I received.” Cindy Smith –  Leadership Coach, Trainer and Facilitator; Boulder, CO


“I had the pleasure of consulting with Kim regarding my resume and cover letter. I felt as though she really listened to my desires. I wanted a professional and personalized resume that really showcased my skills. Kim offered very informative advice, which I incorporated, and I felt very confident presenting my resume and cover letter in person and via email. I believe largely because of Kim, I was offered employment with two companies. I would and will definitely recommend her.” C. Clark – Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“I like the look and flow of my resume now. It is a much nicer, appealing representative … I also liked that it was very insightful but not condescending at all.” Anonymous


“Kim assisted me in making my resume more desirable for potential employers. I believe that the visual appeal and shortened length of my resume gave me a positive turnaround with getting calls for interviews. I just received a job offer for a fantastic position and truly believe my updated and professional looking resume really helped! Coach Kim works wonders! :)” Brandy –  Retail Manager; Roanoke, VA


In a time when spirituality is increasingly being commodified as part of a consumer culture, by masterful teachers with shining egos, it's a joy to spend time with Kim O'Neill. She's open-hearted, wise, grounded, humble, and fully engaged with her guests as part of a bigger conversation about global healing and transformation. If you haven't listened to Kim's show - now's the time to do so. And if you have, share her link with others. Her show is a blessing for all of us.” 

Maggid A. Elias Ramer - house of words - andrewramer.com


“Kim has a way of getting straight to the heart of what is of value and ‘real’ in communications and being. What a wonderful interview session talking and listening from the ‘heart!’ She is brilliant at the organization, and creating a comfortable and trusting ‘container’ for the people she interviews and works with. With shining her warm light for others to feel, see and be touched by, she makes it possible for others to shine their unique talent or ‘YOU.’ Many thanks Kim for a wonderful, positive experience!”

Paula Brown - Heartist, Quick-Sketch Artist and Purpose Coach



“Warmth, sensitivity, intelligence and excellent communication skills all describe Kim O’Neill. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kim personally at the Global Influence Summit and serving as a featured guest on her radio program. Following several exchanges and an hour long interview on her Perk Up show where we discussed several topics relating to personal development, courage and exiting our comfort zones, Kim’s overall appeal became apparent: she’s intuitive, relatable and trustworthy. More important, she sparkles with fun and a sense of true innocence.” 

Maura Sweeney –  Ambassador of Happiness, International Speaker, Leadership & Influence


I'd like to share my experience with Kim on the two podcasts I've recorded with her. Kim O'Neill is a phenomenal host. She listens deeply to what you are saying and asks the best questions to guide her guests through their brilliance, connecting the elusive dots along the way.

She maintains the spirit and energy of the conversation, thoroughly enjoying it, empowering her audience to do the same.

As a guest it's always like I'm right there with her in her living room and we are having a great chat. Easy and friendly and open. If you ever want an enlivening, empowering lift to your day, listen to one of Kim O'Neill's podcasts. Even better, listen to more than one. They are all inspirational!

Thank you Kim O'Neill for sharing all of who you are with your guests and your audiences. You are making a difference in the world.”

Sharon Bowes - Inspirational Coach for Radical Business Thinkers, Workplace Change Catalyst




“Kim O’Neill is a powerful and effective Speaker. The message is delivered with such meaning and authenticity that it felt as if it were just for me!

Besides being a successful Coach, Talk Show Host and author, Kim’s beautiful heart and brilliant mind raises her to first choice for the next class, meeting, event or celebration!

Kim impacts listeners on so many levels that that empowerment, a deep sense of being cared for is a lasting transformative gift and additional take away! Thank you Kim!” Nori Love –  Transformational Hypnotherapist & Coach; North Carolina


“You helped me so much … I really needed to identify with being a full-blown empath. That was a game-changer for me in so many ways. So thank you so much for that. It’s only been a few short months, but now I can say ‘I am an empowered Empath.’ I have control of it. No more suffering with other people’s issues … I love, love, love it!!”

Paula Davidson

“This is my second event with Kim and she just fills the room with a beautiful, soft, glow of love, joy, warmth, and vibrant high energy with smiles and laughter! I feel very comfortable with her yin and yang personality, and I feel she is very heart-centered and professional in her work. For me personally, this is the best catalyst for me to learn and heal. I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with her and I look forward to more in the future. I highly recommend Kim as a valuable Coach in the coaching community.”

Monica Rich – Future Coach or Teacher


“Kim O’Neill is a very gifted healer. The healing sessions (or STT sessions) were powerful and also empowering which guided me toward a fundamental shift in my relationship with my mother and with food. Kim’s level of presence, compassion, and facilitation skill is exceptional. I highly recommend Kim to support your evolution.”

Iris Stallworth-Grayling  Retired Psychotherapist – Philadelphia, PA

“I want to say Kim O'Neill is awesome. She did some energy work on me which allow me to be open. I have been blessed to be in her presence. The great thing about Kim she is very informative.”

Lamicia Butler – Butler's Spa Boutique Owner; Carson, CA


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