You Are Loved Book

2019 #1 Amazon BestSeller!

This 8.75" x 11.75" hardcover book has 39 stunning original images of the Florida Keys and is paired with a written, guided meditation I wrote.

Approximately 63% of the population are visual learners. This is meditation done differently.

This book is excellent as a gift to yourself or a loved one, and also makes a beautiful coffee table book. You can use it as a daily meditation tool or when you just need to connect back to you, be reminded of who you are and regain inner peace. You ARE loved.

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“Sometimes, life is about simplicity. I love this book because it reminded me of a time when I felt so unloved. I searched everywhere looking for love, only to finally realize that what I was searching for was all inside of me. I was truly the love I was searching for. Thank you for this simple but powerful reminder that we are love and are loved.” 

~ Daniel Gutierrez, Mindfulness Leadership Expert, International Bestselling Author, Radical Mindfulness| Speaker | Master Life/Business Coach 

"GORGEOUS! I felt expanded by the photos. It got me in touch with pure potentiality, which really has no words for the way I felt. Liz Acar’s photographs combined with inspirational sayings are a beautiful tool to help you remember who you are, and where you come from; pure potentiality. Allow yourself to feel the carefully chosen words, and witness the beauty and love that the Universe offers us each and every day through her lens. It is a must have book for feeling good."

~ Christy Whitman, New York Times Bestselling Author,The Art of Having It All and Quantum Success 

“I have started a 3am practice of meditation and divine connection time just for me. I took this visual journey of the book "You Are Loved" by Kim and Liz and I was transcended to another place, space and time as it seemed. And yet living in my present moment. How does one describe infinite love showering down upon you? I am not sure but that is exactly how I felt while on this inspired meditative visual journey.

The images are captivating and the words inspire me to go deeper within while soaring to greater heights of love, light and consciousness! Such a small book for such a powerful impact it made in my soul and will continue to make as I have chosen to include this in my meditation practice.

Thank you Kim and Liz for your heartfelt love and collaboration and bringing to this world a much needed retreat from our day to day life! A beautiful inward journey! One I encourage all to participate in on a regular basis!

Deepest gratitude and love,

~ Kaelen Revense, Chief Celebration Officer, Kaelen Revense Coaching, Celebrate You - Author, Speaker, Life, Coach 

"This book is a breath of fresh air, the warm relaxing images take me to a place of peace and serenity. The words on each page reach out to me in different ways of comfort. We all as humans forget that life is a breath of fresh air literally. Love is in the sky, the ocean, the trees and most of all in our hearts.

The photography in this book is very personal and sweet, I am looking forward to the official release."

~ Lucienne Oracius, Florida Resident

more rave reviews!

Below are some of the rave reviews received from people who have purchased and experienced the book for themselves.


"This book was the most magnificent experience of inner peace, balance, and connection to my True Self! In the midst of the stressful world we live in, it is a breath of fresh air for anyone in need of a Hug!!!" – A.M.

Should Be in Every Home

"This would be an excellent gift to someone who is stressed out, or to a small child who has not yet learned to meditate. Beautifully written and superbly illustrated, this book should be in every home." – David T.

Truly a Meditative Journey

"Each page of this book draws you in to go deep within. As I read the words and allowed myself to take in the essence of this book I felt such peace. The photos are stunning and the concept of this book is brilliant. I love how each word lingers just a bit taking you on a beautiful journey. If I could have I would have given it 10 stars. This is the perfect gift to give to yourself or a friend." – Susan B.


"A beautiful guided meditation in written from. I can hear the ocean ebb and flow. I can feel the warm of the setting sun. I can feel the warm summer breeze as I read the beautiful words reminding me that I AM LOVED. I feel the beauty and the love. This is great for my kids who don’t really understand how meditation works but we can view and describe the pictures and the feelings.” – G. Reader

Exactly What You Are Looking For

"At once guided meditation to take on your spiritual journey and also the very best of what coffee table books have to offer, you won't regret bringing this affirmation into your life.” – K. Sims

Simply Beautiful & Expansive

"After reading the poignant words of truth of who we are and how we are loved, combined with the beautiful visuals in the photographs, I feel calm and like I was just re-energized! You Are Loved is a peaceful bed-time reading, a powerful meditation to start the day or a reset button to recharge or your day. I would recommend this book to individuals, families, groups, young, mature, and to give as a gift to others or to yourself. This visual meditation was like a walk into beauty and possibilities that are always there for us to soak in. I am grateful that I allowed myself the moments today to take this book in its entirety and raise my vibration. I trust you will as well!” – Elizabeth M.

Great Little Guided Meditation

“The book is a creative meditation. I will definitely put it in my spiritual toolbox. I felt relaxed and comforted after 5-10 minutes of breathing and reflecting through the pages.” – Michael

A Peaceful Inner Journey

"The spectacular imagery combined with the guided meditation in this book took me on an inner journey that led me to peace and a sense of renewal. The pages came alive and anchored me in the present moment, it's as if I were actually there experiencing the peace and beauty of nature all around me. I loved the journey this book took me on!” – Jennifer S.

Buy This Today!

"Do you appreciate a rainbow? The beauty of a unique sunrise or sunset? Are you present? This book will allow you to appreciate your life, the nature you experience and be present. A meditative book to rival all others. You won’t be disappointed!” – A.C.