"Kim O’Neill's  skills as an Interview Coach have earned her a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry." 

INTERVIEW CONFIDENCE COACHING is specifically focused on preparing you for an employment or podcast interview.

If you know you can do the job – you have the skills, the experience or maybe just that something extra that you KNOW an employer (or podcaster) needs – but you tend to fumble when it comes to the actual interview, I can help you. (See below for some of my interview tips and resources.)

Preparing for an interview is absolutely critical as it enables you to feel confident while you present yourself in a succinct, professional manner.  The more you prepare, the more you’ll be able to think clearly, remain present, and keep those nerves at bay regardless of which questions you get asked.  You’ll be able to tell them everything you need them to know about you, while still remaining likable.  As we practice together, I’ll help you know what sounds good and will work in your favor – and what doesn’t – all while making sure you keep your unique voice.  With this stuff out of the way ahead of time, you’ll be able to walk in more clear-headed and confidently know when you’ve hit your marks even while you’re still in the interview room!

Depending on the package you choose, our time will be spent focusing on:

If you know you have a big interview coming up and you’re dreading preparing – coach with me.  I’ll take the lead and walk you through any heavy-lifting – and we’ll even have fun!  I love this stuff!  :-)


These are my "The Works" packages. During our time we will go deep into reviewing all elements of an interview (podcast or employment), while focusing on your specific areas of concern. Sessions are most often conducted via Zoom video chat. 


Pre-Employment Interview Coaching: 

Total of 4 hours that can be split into two 2-hour sessions or one 4-hour session (it goes by fast!). For a pre-employment interview coaching session, a consultation is required first. Consultation is free. If we move forward with coaching (on a separate date), session rate is $300 USD.  Schedule free consultation.*

Podcast Interview Coaching: 2 Options

Option A. Coaching + Podcast Interview on Every Day is a New Day Show ($297 USD)

Schedule 1st Session here.


Option B. Coaching Only (No Podcast Interview) ($247 USD)

Schedule 1st session here.

Last-Minute Interview Gear Up Session

It’s time. You have an interview tomorrow. The next day. Sometime soon. You’ve done your homework and you’re ready. This is a 90-min. session for any last-minute prep, reviewing helpful reminders, calming your nerves and maybe even a guided visualization, time permitting. (for podcast or employment interviews) ~ $125 Schedule your session here.

*Consultation required for Full Interview Pre-Employment Coaching because some jobs and personal circumstances will not be a fit for this service. Best for us to connect first to ensure this service is a fit for your needs.

Not sure if Interview Coaching is the best next step for you?

When I started out as an Interview Skills Coach in 2013, I was focused on helping job-seekers prepare for employment interviews. Over time I realized that for most people, the real work of interview-prep went much deeper than learning how to describe their strengths and answer interview questions. Most of my clients were hesitant in being able to describe the real, awesome version of who they are.

All the while, it was blatantly obvious to me most people just weren’t able to see themselves clearly.

They didn’t truly know who they are and therefore own it! They didn’t know that it’s okay to embrace the full awesomeness of who they are AND still be humble. AND still be a good person. AND still be someone that gives and is led by their heart.

If this sounds like you and you'd like to go beyond feeling confidently prepared for your next best interview, click here to learn more about Authentic Confidence Coaching.

Below are some snapshots and graphics from just a handful of summits, podcasts and live shows I've been interviewed on and/or contributed.